About Us

Playroom TV is an assertive and brand-new trademark at hotel TV systems which was actualized within over 20 years of experience by Vizyon Communication Tech. Our developing marketing activities, customer relations, quick and smooth system installation, innovator products and personnels who believe in teamwork are the most important factors in our success and we are proud with those features. You are at the core of our actions and thoughts. We aim to provide the best systems and solutions to you with our motto “An Opening Door to Entertainment”.

Who Are We?

Playroom is a sub-brand of Vizyon Communication Technologies which consists of IPTV, Interactive TV, VoD products. Playroom generates new pursuits, thoughts and products at broadcast-entertainment solutions. Cenetric is an engineering company with over 20 years experience in building system technologies and providing turnkey system installations, including after sales and consulting services. Every Cenetric system follows the last trends of modern life and technology; also provides the comfort of high qualified system integration and world-class business & home systems that are easy to integrate and operate.


Our mission is laboring by making no compromises from our core values, offering the best of every project to customers with quality awareness, offering technologic opportunitites and making the best of market power with professional solutions, exceling in customer satisfaction and quality consistency.


We believe that by using our experience and market power we will lead to a qualified, reliable, always exists in the market, be mentioned most often, within its trademark appreciated by whole world, having a wide market network, respectful and loyal to core values, long ranged corporation.

Where Are We?

Playroom is Istanbul-Turkey based however it put signature to many globally and locally succeeding projects with its partners. Playroom performs sales, technical support and installation services anytime, anywhere without any borders.

What Do We Do?

Playroom produces IP based central TV systems for hotels, facilities, head offices and campuses with its IPTV(IPack), Interactive TV(PlayActive), Video on Demand (PlayMood), Digital Signage (PlayPromo) packets. Playroom is a private and licensed software so that you will have a product according to your specific demands and needs. All products are designed to increase gainfulness of our company. Since Playroom can integrate with PMS softwares directly it is especially favored by hotels.

Business Models

Your system and case are analyzed in line with customer demand and most suiting solution is suggested by us. Furthermore, in accordance with demand a quotation is offered to our customers. On acceptance of that offer, our technical and software experts crew will install and integrate the system. Hence, the most suitable and smooth system is provided and customer’s profitability is prioritised.