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Digital Signage

It is the distribution of the digital which is controlled from one center to a lot of different screens. It is generally used to show the visual media in selling points or in areas where people are waiting in general.You can increase your sales revenues with right advertising or just reduce your reception costs easily with the right system which is "PlayPromo".

There is no difference if you manage a residential area, shopping center, transportation station, exhibition center or another common living area. Plus, with only one system, which you can manage every screen with only one PC and keep the records of your publications.

Playroom Digital Signage Features

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a network system that provides you to publish multimedia content on digital screens. Each screen runs connected to the system and displays the video, graphic or image content ruled by central management software.Its flexible configuration allow you to manage your content in each screen without exeptions and so on you can manage your advertising and corporate identity. Plus, you can gain extra revenue via placing external advertising on your screens. Its dynamic feature makes your advertisings more attractive and effective than on traditional billboards or other non-dynamic advertising instruments.

When do You Need Digital Signage?

In case of you want to manage your own content on your several or many screens or gain extra income with external advertisings or reduce your reception costs in public areas; you will definitely take the advantage of what Digital Signage offers because it's flexible, reduce complexities and an effective way of gain more form advertising. Playroom Digital Signage system ensures that you can create your own content beautified in self-made graphic design with a little knowledge of html, so easy it is. And of course you can manage your content publiching screen by screen, second by second.

Digital Signage Introducing Video:

Other Features