Hotel IPTV & Pay TV

Playroom is a smart TV software which presents both of fun for you and technology while meets your current needs.

Forget everything you know about IPTV.

Playroom IPTV, hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, trains, buses and institutions to make high-standard television broadcasting. Every user who explores this rich TV world wants to take advantage of the different features of the system and has a fun time in the user's environment.

We offer the Playroom IPTV and PAY TV system in two ways. 
  • The first method is the set-top box system. The box is connected to the TV using IPTV software. It works with one control.
  • The other method is the Embedded TV system. We install IPTV software on behalf of LG, Samsung, Philips, Beko, Grundig or another TV brand, so the software is running on the TV without using set-top boxes.

Playroom IPTV System Features

1- Channel List
  • TV channels
    • You can create new channel lists and classify the channels in these lists according to the language of the guest.
  • Radio Channels
    • To watch music slideshows, you can listen to a variety of radio channels and from sportspeople. Enjoy the opportunity to listen to music with different visual images with many different channels.

2- Pay TV
Any TV channel you want can be included in the Pay TV system. Fees are determined by the enterprise.

3- Devices
Playroom IPTV system is designed for a variety of devices. It is not only for television. Designed for tablets and other mobile devices, android or ios app installed and used easily.You can use your device as a controller, IPTV can experience while surfing through the channels.

About Playroom IPTV Interface
  • Usage is extreme simple and rapid.
  • While shifting among channels, there is not any freezing or interrupting
  • It works smoothly with any PMS interface 
  • Both aesthetic and elegant user interface design
  • Use of selection in 65 different languages (English, Turkish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, and other languages )
  • It provides high defition (HD) picture screen over output of HDMI
  • Playroom interface can be edited in accordance with the corporate identity
  • It is compatible with all TV brand and types. By informing most effectively your clients about hotel campaign, institution and your services, Playroom achieves to introduce your services well and sell them.
  • Your clients are informed on IPTV screen about the campaigns and activities with the help of messages which you send.

+6 Million end users yearly

+500 installations worldwide

+40 different countries