playroom tv products packages

PlayIPack   >  Starter TV Package

PlayIPpack is starter Pack of Playroom TV. You can find TV Channels or Pay TV (optional).You may create new channel lists and classify the channels on those lists as to guest’s language; use of selection in 10 different languages (English, Turkish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Arabic). If you want to expand the capabilities of you TV package within interactive TV package also you must add PlayActive.

Play Active  >  Interactive TV Package

This option is an interactive TV package and recommended by us. Interactive TV is a combined package; which includes playActive and playIPack. You can benefit Channel List, Room Service, Expenses and Quick Check-Out, Hotel Info Menu, RSS.

Play Mood  >  Video & Movie Package

Video On Demand is optinoal package. You can add to your Interactive TV.

Play Promo  >  Advertise Package

Advertise package is optional package and includes software and hardware for every digital screen. Used by businesses to improve profitability.