Playmore STB, powered by Android 9, provides power to control various functions. Reduced start-up time and quick response of the device enables users to experience outstanding performance.

Powerful Device API

Developed with a long terms R&D process, Playmore has all qualifications to work with Hospitality Ready functions. 
With the JS Device API, you can fully integrate your software with the device and easily configure or manage power, platform, application, memory, user data, media, and many other features.

Pre-Installed Apps

Playmore STB, comes with pre-installed apps including video services and games. It also allows users to Access tons of apps and services.

Cast To TV

Cast to Tv functions of Playmore STB needs no cable and no additional hardware. Mobile devices, computers, or tablets can be easily connected to the screen via WIFI technology. 

4K Resolutions

Playmore STB supports frame rate up to 60 fps and resolution of 1080 p or 2160p. 

Improved Remote Control

Playmore STB comes with specially designed remote control, which has IR learning and optimized air mouse functionality.  

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+6 Million end users yearly

+130 installations worldwide

+30 different countries